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Marriott hotel chain announces Weehawken development plan (November 13, 2013)

WEEHAWKEN - More development will soon be underway on Weekhawken's waterfront after a hotel chain announced plans for two hotels along the Hudson River.

Marriott says the project will bring jobs and economic growth to the area, but local residents are worried the construction will spoil their Manhattan views.

The hotels will be built on top of the ferry parking garage. One will be a regular Marriott, the other an extended stay Residence Inn.

Mayor Richard Turner says they were zoned to be 10 stories high. "It's been planned out very well to preserve as much of the view as possible," Turner says. "I would say 97 percent of the views are preserved."

The proposed hotels are the latest in a string of construction projects along Weehawken's riverfront. It's part of the town's 30-year master plan to turn what used to be vacant land into revenue-producing property.

Turner welcomes hotels to the area, since their construction means more yearly revenue for the city. "They will bring in, we're estimating between property taxes and sales taxes, about $2.5 million," he says.

The new development will not only bring new hotels and condos, but also stores and restaurants to the riverfront. The project will create 150 full-time jobs and add 170 overnight parking spaces, which commuters say are sorely needed.

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