sales & marketing

Hotel Sales & Marketing with Colwen Management

Colwen Hotels' award-winning sales team ensures our hotels stay at the top of every market we serve. Second place is not an option.

We accomplish this goal with an efficient and targeted sales effort that relies on fostering long-lasting relationships with key clients, in addition to creatively gaining new ones. Our high standard of excellence drives sales to our bottom line resulting in excellent house profit margins for all of our hotels.

We also have experience with a variety of different brands and an in-depth understanding of customers’ specific needs. This expertise allows our team to put the right business at the right hotel for the right price.

An already strong knowledge base is supplemented with regular training to ensure our staff is ready for the challenges of a rapidly changing economy. Our success hasn’t gone unnoticed. Colwen’s talented sales team has been recognized for the past several years at both the national and regional level for a variety of top honor sales awards.

We’re more than a typical sales and marketing department; we’re the team others aspire to be.