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Complete Hotel Management Services

Colwen Hotels provides full-service solutions customized to match each of our clients’ unique brands. We never assume one hotels’ approach is right for the rest.

From revenue management and eCommerce to procurement and loss prevention, Colwen provides an integrated level of management services designed to maximize the performance of your specific hotel. Colwen employs industry-leading professionals to achieve these optimal results.

Our goal is to showcase the best possible products in the markets we serve. To get there, we ensure that each aspect of every hotel we manage is refined to an exceptional level of quality without sacrificing sustainability. We’re proud of our commitment to achieving LEED standards; whether it’s a new build, or adjusting an existing property.

Browse the management services we offer to gain a better understanding of how Colwen can help your brand achieve a higher level of success.


Colwen Hotels enhances the performance of hotels with industry-leading management operations.

Supported by an executive team of talented professionals, our programs boost bottom-line results while providing exceptional RevPAR performance and ensuring guests’ complete satisfaction. Colwen’s hospitality experts have experience managing Marriott, Hilton, Choice, Starwood, Holiday Inn and other high-quality brands.

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Sales & Marketing

Colwen Hotels' award-winning sales team ensures our hotels stay at the top of every market we serve. Second place is not an option.

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Revenue Management

Our talented revenue management staff will ensure your property performs at its full potential.

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eCommerce & Strategic Marketing

Using dynamic marketing techniques and cutting-edge technology, Colwen Hotels drives online revenues with an eCommerce strategy that’s always ahead of the curve.

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Our team of expert professionals deliver contract pricing by sourcing and purchasing directly from the industry's most qualified manufacturers. We work closely with you to ensure every project is a success. Colwen Procurement handles new construction, renovation, and capital expenditure purchases for its managed hotels, as well as outside clients in and out of the hospitality industry.

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Interior Design

No detail is too small for our talented interior designers. From the wall coverings to the light fixtures, every decorating element is meticulously selected to reflect the unique style of your hotel and to appeal to its target market. We work closely with you on every aspect of design.

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Finance, Accounting & IT

Our talented Finance and Accounting staff will reduce administrative costs by developing stronger financial controls and a more resilient infrastructure – it’s just one more way Colwen Hotels maximizes your bottom line. We also use cutting-edge M3 accounting software to ensure your hotel retains full access to the critical information you need to support decision-making.

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Human Resources

We know that to be the best you need to recruit the best. That’s why our experienced Human Resources staff is always searching for ways to further enhance Colwen Hotels' strong team of professionals. We also focus on training initiatives to ensure our employees are ready for any challenge while ensuring prompt and efficient problem resolution. 

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Loss Prevention

Safety and security are top priorities for Colwen Hotels. We’re proud to employ a team of experienced loss prevention experts that provide a comprehensive list of services.

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