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Colwen Hotels' Keene properties support Keene Pumpkin Festival's attempt at winning their 9th World-Record on National TV’s Pumpkin Wars

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Colwen Hotels' Keene properties support Keene Pumpkin Festival's attempt at winning their 9th World-Record on National TV’s Pumpkin Wars.

Keene, NH, October 8, 2012 – On October 20, 2012 New Hampshire's own Keene Pumpkin Festival will carve it out on National Television's Home and Garden TV (HGTV). HGTV's popular network series Property Brothers will host an episode titled “Pumpkin Wars” where the co-host duo of actual brothers Drew & Jonathan Scott will each travel to either Keene, New Hampshire or Highwood, Illinois – new on the Pumpkin Festival circuit. Each city's festival is carving to win claim to the national record for most carved pumpkins in one place - over 32,000 - and the Property Brothers will host an episode, to be aired at a later date, around this honor when a winner is  revealed at the festival on October 20, 2012. Keene’s Festival has taken claim of this world record 8 times as their festivals bring in 40,000 to 60,000 visitors each year. If each of these visitors contributed just one pumpkin, Keene could reach its goal at winning record number nine, and beating the Pumpkin Wars’ rival festival in Illinois.

Colwen Hotels' Courtyard by Marriott has been a sponsor and contributing fund-raiser of the Keene Pumpkin Festival for the past few years, and this year support is shared across all of Colwen Hotels' three Keene properties; the historic Lane Hotel on main street, Courtyard by Marriott Downtown Keene, and newest hotel to its portfolio, Holiday Inn Express. These three Keene hotels are rolling up their sleeves and putting their hospitality expertise to work for the Festival this year in the form of Festival food vendors.

All the food craft vendor booths during Pumpkin Festival are required to be non-profit, greatly giving back to the greater Keene community as many small non-profit agencies truly benefit from this day. This year Colwen’s Keene hotels purchased 3 vendor food booths and will donate all profits back to the Pumpkin Festival organization. Additionally, in order to help Keene achieve the record and beat Highwood's pumpkin count, the hotels are going viral – with links on The Lane Hotel’s non-branded website and posting reminders on Facebook to get the word out and help keep the record in Keene, New Hampshire.

Visitors from near and far are urged to come to this quintessential New England destination for an authentic experience and a chance to get caught on National TV’s Pumpkin Wars! While guests are here to enjoy the Pumpkin Festival, there is plenty of small town hospitality, shopping, and dining to stay engaged all weekend.

The Pumpkin Festival, under the management team of STERLING Design & Communications, organizes the festival of thousands of pumpkins, vendors and activities. Pumpkins are contributed by the community and beyond, including individuals, businesses and schools. This ongoing tradition of over 20 years is headed by an Action Team consisting of members in professions such as law, hospitality and academics. The team’s focus is on community support, attracting tourism and producing an event focused on safety and responsibility. The Festival in Keene has achieved 8 World Records since inception.

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Courtyard by Marriott Keene Downtown features a convenient downtown Keene location, and 2,250 square feet of conference and event space. Construction and systems were designed with specific care to the environment and have awarded the hotel with the coveted LEED Silver certification status.

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In 2010, The Lane changed owners and was placed under the management of Colwen Hotel Management. Changes to the hotel exceeded renovations of one million dollars and included interior design to its 40 rooms, lobby and lobby bar as well as structural and operational improvements and enhancements making this a true boutique hotel. Historical beauty of The Lane was maintained and The Lane remains the only hotel on Main Street in beautiful Downtown Keene.

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The Holiday Inn Express conveniently located in Keene is Colwen Hotel Management’s newest Keene hotel property and recently underwent interior renovations including complete guestroom redesign. A frequent pick for business and leisure travelers alike, Holiday Inn Express offers consistent brand-recognizable service, affordability and amenities such as their award winning breakfast inclusions.

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Colwen Hotel Management oversees the management of numerous hotel properties throughout the country, directs all activities within the properties, and maintains standards set by Marriott International and Hilton Hotels Corporation. Colwen has a well-rounded management group, solid philosophies and principles, and goals they can accomplish through service to their customers, associates, and owners.

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